The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will have a planned power outage that will affect the Wartburg substation on May 22nd beginning at midnight (Saturday night into Sunday morning) and is expected to last approximately 4 hours.  Plateau Electric Cooperative along with TVA has been making system improvements in the Morgan County area for the past two years.  Those improvements made by PEC were $1.2 million in upgrades to the Wartburg substation which included doubling the capacity of the substation.  TVA’s investment in the new Rugby substation was $19 million and allowed a loop feed for our Morgan County members to help reduce outage durations.  Currently, TVA is investing $6 million in automated transmission equipment to allow for faster restoration times in the event of power disruptions.  

This action is necessary to further the installation of switches and motor operated disconnects (MOD) at the Wartburg substation.  Once complete, the loop feed will be fully implemented and reduce restoration time since they are remotely operated, thereby allowing the substation to be fed from either side of the loop and the trouble area isolated.  

Those areas affected will include the City of Wartburg, Potter’s Falls, Catoosa, Gobey, Genesis Road, Montgomery Road, Hwy 62 to Napa Auto Parts, Hwy 27 South to the City of Wartburg waste water treatment plant, Lancing, and Hwy 27 North to Anna Del Rd.

*Outage may be postponed due to weather or unexpected issues.